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    Mrs. Abramovic's Class!
    Miss Amy Guzik and I are going to be your child's team teachers this school year. I will be teaching math, science, and health. Miss Guzik will be teaching ELA (reading, language, spelling, speaking, writing) and social studies.  My homeroom will be with me all morning. Then after lunch and recess, the students will switch classrooms. Before dismissal the students will return to their homerooms.
    We will both have similar classroom rules so it will be easier for everyone. A list of these rules will be sent home the first week of school. We will confer regularly concerning students' progress and behavior.
    As team teachers, we will work together to coordinate homework assignments and testing so students do not become overwhelmed. 
    All students will meet in the gymnasium on the first day of school. Our names will be posted on the wall and we'll be watching for all our new students. 
     To ensure that your child has a productive third grade year, students, parents, and teachers must make the commitment to work as a team. We look forward to an exciting and productive year.
    Mrs. Abramovic 




    Mrs. Abramovic
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