• English Language Learning (ELL)
    Students are taught the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through a variety of interactive lessons based on curricular materials that enable transfer into the regular classroom. The regular education teachers, assisted by Westmoreland Intermediate Unit staff, learn the process of second language acquisition. Students, parents, teachers and administrators are regularly informed of the progress of the student.

    The District provides the student with emotional support during the transitional period of adjustment to the new environment.
    ELL Teacher
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     Ms. Linda Guercio
    (724)861-3005, ext. 1262
    Identification and Assessment
    Students and/or Parent/Guardians complete a Home Language Survey upon registration with Norwin School District. If the Home Language Survey indicates that there is a language other than English spoken in the home, a referral for English proficiency assessment is made.  The District will contact the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit for a formal assessment
    Before ELL instruction begins, parents and students participate in the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit’s Intake Process which includes administering the IDEA Proficiency Test published by Ballard and Tighe. Students are formally assessed in reading, writing, listening and speaking. A District referral and consultation with school personnel to determine any other appropriate formal assessment based on background information on the student.  Interpreters are used when necessary to communicate with both students and/or parents.  Parents are made aware of the instruction being provided to their children and how they may communicate questions and concerns to the ELL teacher or the School District.
Last Modified on April 5, 2016