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    English as a Second Language
    The English as a Second Language (ESL) program is designed to instruct students whose primary language is something other than English.  Students are instructed by a district certified ESL teacher that has completed a 12 to 18 credit certification program beyond their level I or level II teaching certificate.  English learners (EL) receive individualized instruction from the district ESL teacher.  Students are pulled out of the regular education classroom and are provided with daily one-on-one instruction in a separate classroom.  Lessons are planned using the PA Common Core Standards and PA English Language Proficiency Standards in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
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       Mariann Capets
     Ms. Mariann Capets
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    Identification and Assessment

    When parents or guardians register their child for school, they must complete a form called the Home Language Survey.  This form requires the parent/guardian to answer several questions about the primary language spoken in the home.  If the student’s first language is something other than English, the school district coordinator informs the district ESL teacher.  The district ESL teacher will interview the parent/guardian of the student and proceed with a screening process if necessary.  If testing is necessary, the district ESL teacher will evaluate the child using the WIDA Online Screener.  Students are formally assessed in listening, speaking, reading and writing.  This testing provides the teacher with the student’s English language proficiency level which helps plan their daily ESL instruction. Interpreters can be used when necessary to communicate with both students and/or parents/guardians.


    Results from the ACCESS test and teacher input are utilized to determine if a student may be exited from the district ESL services.  Once exited, EL students will be monitored for four years by the school district.

    The English Language Proficiency Standards for can be found at www.pdesas.org.

Last Modified on August 28, 2017