• 2017 -2018 Information Update Site 
    Students Kindergarten through 12th Grade

    Primary guardians of Norwin School District students are required to log into Skyward Family Access to review and update student record information and sign off on District Policies, as soon as possible

    This process has newly been added to Skyward Family Access.  It was previously completed in the Information Update system. Family access will open after 12 pm on August 1st, 2017. To prevent redundant or conflicting data updates, only primary guardians of students will have the ability to update and review student information. Primary guardian is defined as the first guardian listed in family 1 on a student record.

    Once the primary guardian completes their students’ update, the student and all guardians with accounts associated with said student, will gain access to scheduling information.

     If you do not have access to a computer you may come to the office of any school building, where a computer will be available for your use.  Also, for your convenience Norwin Public Library has computers available for public use. Visit the Library's Website for hours and location information: www.norwinpubliclibrary.net/

     NOTE: Address information CANNOT be updated via the Information update process! You MUST make an appointment at your student's school building and provide 2 valid proof of residency to change your address.**


    CLICK HERE to access Information Update FAQ's


    **In accordance with Norwin School District Procedure No. 202, Verification of Residency Status,  two (2) of the following items shall be presented to verify the residence of a student in the Norwin School District:
    - current Bureau of Motor Vehicle information or current driver's license
    - copy of current state/federal program enrollment
    - current rental lease or deed for property
    - current mortgage book
    - copies of latest tax bills paid
    - current voter registration information
    - current utility bill
    - copy of paycheck stub with name and address of employee and employer