2016 -2017 Information Update Site for Current Students

When completing your information update, you only need to schedule an appointment if you need to change your address. Do not make an appointment unless you need to change your address.
Primary guardians of Norwin School District students are required to log into the districts Information Update site to review and update student record information and sign off on District Policies. If your student's information is correct on Skyward Family access and you do not have any updates, you are still required to log into the Information Update site and sign off on District Policies.

To prevent redundant or conflicting data updates, only primary guardians of students  will have access to the information update site. Primary guardian is defined as the first guardian listed in family 1 on a student record.

Once logged into the Information Update site, guardians will be prompt to:

      1. Review/update your student's information**
**If you update address information, you will be prompted at the end of the update session to make an appointment at your student(s) school(s). You will need to bring two (2) proofs of residency with you to the appointment. See list of acceptable documents below.
**You will NOT be able to change guardian or student names online. Please contact an applicable building's main office to make updates to guardian or student names. If you have students in multiple buildings, you only need to contact one (1) building.
       2. Update medical information
       3. Review and update emergency contacts
       4. Guardians digitally verify that they have read and understand district policies

            including:   - Social Media    -  Student Handbook    - Internet Access Acceptable Use     - Media Opt Out Procedure

This will need completed before  August 31, 2016. You can stop and save your work at anytime and then return later to complete the information update process.

The login credentials for the information update site are the same as the login and password that you use to access the Skyward Family Access Website.

If you need to reset your Skyward family access password, you may do so by clicking this link: Skyward Family Access Password Reset
Information Update site login tips:
- If you changed your Skyward password today, you must wait until tomorrow to login into the information update site.
   The login data syncs overnight.
- ONLY the primary guardian's login has access to the information update website. The primary guardian is the guardian listed first on      the student record. You can change primary guardian on a student record by contacting a building secretary. Once the primary guardian is updated, you must wait until the next day to attempt login. The login data syncs overnight.
If you do not have access to a computer you may come to the office of any school building, where a computer will be available for your use.  Also, for your convenience Norwin Public Library has computers available for public use. Visit the Library's Website for hours and location information: www.norwinpubliclibrary.net/

**In accordance with Norwin School District Procedure No. 202, Verification of Residency Status,  two (2) of the following items shall be presented to verify the residence of a student in the Norwin School District:
- current Bureau of Motor Vehicle information or current driver's license
- copy of current state/federal program enrollment
- current rental lease or deed for property
- current mortgage book
- copies of latest tax bills paid
- current voter registration information
- current utility bill
- copy of paycheck stub with name and address of employee and employer