• Aerospace Science: Exploring Space – The High Frontier &
    Survival – Survive & Return

    Course Description:  Exploring Space - The course begins with the study of the space environment from the earliest days of interest in astronomy and early ideas of the heavens, through the Renaissance, and on into modern astronomy. It provides an in-depth study of the Earth, Sun, stars, Moon, and solar system, including the terrestrial and the outer planets. It discusses issues critical to travel in the upper atmosphere such as orbits and trajectories unmanned satellites, and space probes. It investigates the importance of entering space and discusses manned and unmanned space flights, focusing on concepts surrounding spaceflight, space vehicles, launch systems, and space missions. The section on manned spaceflight focuses on the Space Shuttle, space stations and beyond, covering milestones in the endeavor to land on the Moon and to safely orbit humans and crafts for temporary and prolonged periods. The course covers the human aspect of spaceflight, focusing on the human experience in space. It also examines the latest advances in space technology, including robotics in space, the Mars Rover, and commercial uses of space.

    Survival - The Survival text is a synthesis of the basic survival information found in Air Force Regulation 64-4 Survival Training.  The survival instruction will provide training in skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to successfully perform fundamental tasks needed for survival. Survival also presents “good to know” information that would be useful in any situation. The information is just as useful to an individual lost hunting or stranded in a snowstorm.


    Exploring Space course outcomes are:

    1. Know the history of astronomy and the specific characteristics of the Earth, Moon, solar system, and the planets.

    2. Comprehend the big picture of space exploration, including the history of spaceflight, organizations doing work in space, and the overall space environment.

    3. Comprehend the importance of entering space, characteristics of manned and unmanned spaceflight, and how humans are affected during spaceflight.

    4. Comprehend the key concepts for getting from the surface of the Earth into Earth orbit and to other planets and back again.

    5. Comprehend how spacecraft, rockets, and launch vehicles are designed and built.

    6. Comprehend the latest advances in space technology.

Aerospace Science: Exploring Space – The High Frontier & Survival – Survive * Return