• Chapter 2 – Managing Your Resources

    Lesson 1: Avoiding the Credit Trap

    Learning Outcome: Construct a pan for building your credit history

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Describe what is credit and important credit terms
    2. Explain the positive and negative aspects of using credit
    3. Examine sources of credit
    4. Calculate how credit works
    5. Describe how to use credit responsibly
    6. Differentiate between credit and credit card options
    7. Examine how to avoid credit card fraud
    8. Analyze the consequences of deficit spending

    Lesson 2: Insurance for Protecting Your Resources

    Learning Outcome: Evaluate the advantages of having property protected

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Recall what insurance is and why it is necessary
    2. Analyze the major types of insurance available to you
    3. Create a plan to protect your personal and financial information

    Chapter in Brief

    “Chapter 2: Managing Your Resources” describes the types of credit and discusses positive and negative aspects of using credit, along with monitoring credit to build a positive credit history. By evaluating the types of insurance options available to protect resources, students will learn the importance of insurance and tips for protecting their personal and financial information.