• Chapter 3 – The Management Environment

    Overview:  Lesson 1 - “Management and the Economy” makes students aware of management and the changing economy, the global marketplace, and management and technology. Students will learn that the effects of globalization and technology are absolutely critical. The lesson discusses Alvin Toffler’s argument that modern civilization has come in three waves: agriculture, industrial, and information. The global marketplace is discussed with emphasis on the globalization of business and how globalization affects organizations and managers.  Management and technology are discussed as well as how an organization benefits from information technology and how technology alters a manager’s job.  Lesson 2 - “Management and Society”, students will learn about the way in which society impacts the work of managers. They will also learn that the social issues managers face are complicated due to the influence of a variety of social factors. They will also learn what society expects from organizations and managers, how organizations demonstrate socially responsible actions, and how managers become more socially responsible. Students will learn about the workforce and labor and what today’s workforce looks like. Students will learn how diversity affects organizations and how organizations help employees with work/life balance. Finally, there is information on a pending labor shortage in the United States and two factors that contribute to that labor shortage.