• Chapter 4 – Aiming Towards a College Degree

    Lesson 1: Financing for College

    Learning Outcome: Create a personal plan for financing college

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify the financial costs of college
    2. Describe sources for college funding
    3. Create a plan to finance a college education

    Lesson 2: Selecting a College

    Learning Outcome: Evaluate the criteria for selecting a college based on your personal goals

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Describe the process for choosing a college
    2. Summarize the criteria for selecting a college
    3. Compare alternative programs for earning college credit
    4. Evaluate the college application process
    5. Identify colleges that will best meet your needs

    Lesson 3: Navigating the Testing Maze

    Learning Outcome: Create test-taking strategies to promote success on college placement exams

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Describe college entrance examinations
    2. Compare college placement exams
    3. Identify methods for conquering test anxiety
    4. Evaluate strategies for test-taking
    5. Outline procedures for taking standardized tests

    Lesson 4: Essays, Interviews, and Campus Visits

    Learning Outcome: Create a college application essay

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Explore the personal side of the college application process
    2. Examine how to write a college application essay
    3. Describe how to have a successful interview
    4. Summarize the importance of campus visits

    Chapter in Brief:

    “Chapter 4: Aiming Towards a College Degree” focuses on selecting and applying for college. Students will examine the financial costs of attending college, explore sources of funding, and learn about the criteria, or standards, all students should consider when choosing a college. This chapter also covers college entrance exams and college placement tests; how to write an application essay; how to prepare for an admissions interview; and what to look for during a campus visit.