• Chapter 5:  Latin America

    Chapter Overview:  Latin America reviews the region’s history before and after European conquest. It considers the tug-of-war between church and state, the effects of wide social and economic divisions, and struggles with weak governments and corruption. The chapter also examines the effects of poverty and population growth on the region and its flow of migrants northward.

    Chapter Objectives

    1. Know the geographic locations of the five major regions of Latin America.
    2. Know the major religious groups and languages of Latin America.
    3. Know the history before the Spanish conquest and the consequences of the Spanish conquest of Latin America.
    4. Know some key historical events associated with Latin America since independence.
    5. Know the challenges of the region’s economic systems.
    6. Know the challenges related to the political struggle for power.
    7. Comprehend how weak governments, corruption, and crime affect economic development.
    8. Know about the struggle for power between church and state.
    9. Know how free trade agreements have affected the region.
    10. Know the key factors that drive and sustain the drug trade.
    11. Know how the drug trade undermines local governments and damages economies.
    12. Know how the US and local governments have tried to cut off the drug trade.
    13. Know how reliance on commodities versus manufactured goods impacts poverty.
    14. Comprehend the impact of racial and socioeconomic divisions in Latin America.
    15. Know how poor education, urban overcrowding, and high population growth contribute to poverty.
    16. Know the challenges of environmental pollution and deforestation.
    17. Know the history of US relations with Cuba.
    18. Know the history of US relations with Haiti.
    19. Know the challenges of migration from Latin America to the United States.
    20. Know the effects on the US of the political and economic challenges in Latin America.