• Chapter 5 – Charting Your Course

    Lesson 1: Adjusting to College Life

    Learning Outcome: Evaluate the importance of personal accountability

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Discuss aspects of campus life
    2. Summarize what is expected of you as a student
    3. Organize recommendations on how to make healthy lifestyle choices
    4. Evaluate the importance of personal accountability

    Lesson 2: Choosing a Major

    Learning Outcome: Analyze careers associated with possible majors

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify majors that match your personal interests
    2. Understand basic areas of college study
    3. Evaluate careers associated with possible majors
    4. Create a six-step process for selecting a college major

    Lesson 3: Planning Your Schedule

    Learning Outcome: Create a plan for managing your college schedule

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Recall the importance of time management
    2. Describe procrastination and identify methods to beat it
    3. Evaluate methods to manage your college schedule

    Chapter in Brief:

    “Chapter 5: Charting Your Course” examines aspects of preparing to attend college and charting the student’s course of study. They will explore aspects of campus life, including resources, organizations, and policies. They will also cover ways to ensure success in the college environment, including how to make healthy choices. Students will take the information they learned about themselves from Chapter 3 and examine the decision process for choosing a college major. This chapter will also explain the importance of effective time management and explains how they can avoid procrastination.