• Chapter 7 – Working for the Federal Government

    Lesson 1: Military Careers

    Learning Outcome: Analyze military service as a career

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Describe the branches of the US military
    2. Analyze the reasons for choosing a military career
    3. Analyze entering the military as an enlisted member
    4. Compare the educational opportunities for enlisted military members by service
    5. Describe serving the military as a warrant officer
    6. Create a plan for entering the military as a member of the Officer Corps

    Lesson 2: Careers in Aerospace

    Learning Outcome: Differentiate between different careers in the aerospace industry

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Recall careers in aerospace
    2. Describe major organizations in the aerospace sector
    3. Compare educational requirements for aerospace careers
    4. Analyze career options in the aerospace industry

    Lesson 3: Careers in Public Service

    Learning Outcome: Evaluate careers in public service

    Learning Objectives:

    1. Identify types of public service careers
    2. Evaluate careers available in the public service sector
    3. Analyze options for criminal justice careers
    4. Analyze careers in fire science and technology
    5. Recall careers in homeland security

    Chapter in Brief:

    “Chapter 7: Working for the Federal Government” evaluates the benefits of working for the federal government. This chapter provides the requirements needed to enlist in the military or to enter as a member of the officer corps. The text also compares educational opportunities for enlisted members from each military service, making military service a career option, and describes how military training is useful when seeking a civilian career. Educational requirements are examined for careers in aerospace and explore specific career examples in aerospace. Finally, this chapter will provide information for selection and training in careers in criminal justice, fire science, and homeland security.