• Chapter 8 – Understanding Work Teams


    Lesson 1 - “Work Teams” informs students about the popularity of work teams and the stages of team development. Emphasis is placed on the increasing use of teams due to changes in the market place. Students will learn that as more and more organizations are faced with rapidly changing environments, the need for people to work together effectively to solve problems and respond to changes is more and more important. Students will also learn how teams differ from work groups. They will cover how teams work and what kinds of skills team members need to have as well as the different types of work teams. Virtual teams in the 21st Century are covered which includes conference calls, videoconferencing, and email to solve problems across the time zones.

    Lesson 2 - “Managing Teams” highlights the importance of teams in our culture as well as the challenges we face in working as team members in an individualistic culture. Emphasis is placed on the necessity of managing teams, turning individuals into team players, and the roles team members play. Contemporary team issues such as “how workforce diversity affects teams” is also covered. Students will study about ways to reward team contributions over and above individual contributions.