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Superintendent's SectionDr. William Kerr
Welcome! On behalf of the Norwin School District Board of Education, I am pleased to share some of the documents, photos, and videos that detail educational leadership initiatives at Norwin School District. Please explore the links to the left.

If you see something here that resonates with you, or you want to reach out to me to comment or share ideas in general, please write me at


William H. Kerr, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Norwin School District has Seven Guiding Principles for the Future Academic and Financial Success of the School District -- principles which have stood the test of time throughout Dr. Kerr's career in education administration. They are embodied in the above-pictured triangular, interdependent relationship among Quality Educational Programs and Services; Employee Empowerment and Accountability; and Fiscal Responsibility and Operational Efficiency. These guiding principles (shown below) are designed to sustain the quality and effectiveness of educational programs and services.
Seven Guiding Principles
For Academic and Financial Success
William H. Kerr, Ed.D.
  • Make educational and financial investments based on best practices, proven methods, and strategies for long-term success
  • Enhance the quality of educational programs and services for all students
  • Continue to keep the focus on effective teaching and learning, increased student achievement, and high-performing schools
  • Promote an open work environment where all employees experience empowerment, ownership, and accountability to grow professionally
  • Make targeted investments, reallocate resources, and integrate new strategies to meet the changing needs of 21st century learners
  • Strike a balance between what is educationally sound for students and fiscally responsible for taxpayers
  • Streamline operations, maximize human and financial resources, and eliminate unnecessary spending