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How to Communicate a Question or Concern

There are times when a parent or a taxpayer has a question or concern and is uncertain as to the procedure to follow in contacting the school district. The following procedure should be followed for obtaining this type of information from school district personnel. If your inquiry is about your child, first call the child's teacher, counselor, or the building principal. If the teacher, counselor, or principal is unable to assist you by telephone, he or she will make an appointment with you at a mutually convenient time. We assure you that these individuals will be receptive and cooperative in responding to your question or concern. If your inquiry is about a building procedure or activity, first call the building principal. If your question or concern remains unanswered or unresolved, please contact the Superintendent or other appropriate district administrator at (724-861-3000).

Occasionally, parents call school board directors in an attempt to obtain an answer to their questions or concerns. Upon receiving such a call, the board director calls the district superintendent. The district superintendent must then call the building principal to inform him or her of the problem or concern. The principal will then research the concern and communicate with the parent. Therefore, it is wise that you first call the teacher, counselor or principal so that he or she can respond without any undue delay.

Questions pertinent to 2011 delinquent earned income taxes and earlier should be directed MBM at 412-242-4400. For inquiries related to 2012 delinquent earned income taxes and later, please call Berkheimer tax Administrators at 1-800-360-8989. Other questions pertinent to district operations should be directed to the office of the Superintendent (724-861-3000).  The school board and the staff of the Norwin School District are eager to communicate and cooperate with the public. Our combined efforts are essential if we are to continue to do our best for the children of our community.