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The Center for 21st Century Learners Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to enroll in Norwin's cyber school, the Center for 21st Century Learners?

All students who reside within the Norwin School District boundaries are eligible to enroll. This includes currently enrolled students, students who live in the District who are attending private schools, charter school and other cyber schools.


Is there a cost for the program?

There is no cost to participate in the Center for 21st Century Learners Cyber School.


Will the student be provided a laptop and internet access?

Students will receive a laptop with free wireless internet access. Students may also receive other ancillary technology devices depending on the courses they select.


Who teaches the online courses?

Norwin School District teachers are the instructors for the online courses. In the event that a Norwin teacher is not available or if there is a course Norwin does not offer, the student may have a teacher from another school district in Westmoreland County. All teachers are Highly Qualified and have been training in the online environment.


Can students participate in Norwin clubs, sports and activities?

Yes. All the clubs, sports and activities that are available to students who attend the brick and mortar school are available to students in the Center for 21st Century Learners.


Will a student be permitted to attend the Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center (CWCTC)?

Yes. Students can be scheduled to attend the CWCTC as a part of their cyber school schedule.


Will a student get a Norwin report card, transcript, and diploma?

Yes. Each grading quarter a Norwin report card will be issued. Final report card grades will be added to the student's transcript and a student will earn a Norwin diploma and walk in graduation ceremonies upon successful completion of the Norwin graduation requirements.


Does a student have to take all of his/her classes online?

No. During the scheduling process, a guidance counselor will create a schedule that is a good fit for each student. Students may elect to take some courses in the brick and mortar environment and some online.


Is the student required to participate in statewide testing?

Yes. The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires all students in grades 3-8 to take the reading, math, science and writing assessment. Additionally, students must take and pass an end-of-year Keystone Exam in Biology, Algebra I, and Literature. The assessment cannot be administered online; the student will need to come to the High School to take the assessment. The school will make scheduling arrangements with the students to take the assessments.


How does a student apply?

The first step is to contact your child's guidance counselor. The counselor will explain the process and help the student select the appropriate courses.  You will then contact Ms. Doreen Harris, Director for the Center for 21st Century Learners, to keep the process moving, at 724.861.3000 ext.1160 or