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Reading Websites

Adrian Bruce Education Technology Resources
This site has activities for students in K-3. You need to page down and read the little summary to know the topic of each game. Topics include: long vowel games, beginning blending games, sight word games, and Letter ID.

Beginning Reading
Review of Kindergarten skills

Book Adventure
Students can pick a book by their reading ability. After reading that book, the student can take an online quiz and earn points. This free site is sponsored by Sylvan.

This wonderful game has 10 games and 3 levels. Grades K-3 has activities to play. The skills are: Fact vs. Fantasy, Understand and Follow 3 Step Directions, ABC Order, 2 Games with Letter/Sound Connection, Letter ID, Sentence Order, Identify Antonyms, Identify Synonyms, Poetry, Using the Keyboard

This site has printable worksheets by grade level.

Enchanted Learning
Some areas are free, others you need to belong.

Hubbards Cupboard
Free sight word books and activities

PBS Kids
Students K-2

Primary Games
This is the every subject, every activity site. Great for grades K and up! You need to visit and explore to see what is best for your child.

Letter-Sounds, Short Vowel, Long Vowel activities

Spell City
This is a great way to practice spelling words or high frequency words!

The students can use this site by themselves. It has seasonal and holiday books that are read aloud. Then the student can pick their reading level and skills are presented at that level.

Vermilion Parish eHomework
This site connects with our reading series. Once you get to this page, click on your grade level, then click on READING.