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The STEM Squires Program

As a means of increasing STEM awareness and understanding, students in Grades K-4 have begun to participate in a program called STEM Squires, which include five grade-level quests, one each in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and one related to a STEM career search.

With successful completion of each quest, the student will earn parts of a shield and ultimately the title, “STEM Squire."

Students are being supported throughout the program by two Lead STEM teachers, along with a STEM Committee comprised of the Principal and various teachers in each building. Students have the opportunity to present and explain their completed quests to the STEM Committee (several examples are shown in the photo slideshow at left).

In addition to the suggested quests which have been designed, students are also able to design and complete their own quests following a few helpful guidelines. Many elementary children are excited about the new program and are voluntarily choosing to participate.