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High School

Type of Work: Renovation and New Construction

Total Area: 304,414 sq ft

Date Completed: August 2003

Project Overview:

As the first and largest project of the overall district restructuring, the success of the High School upgrades set the bar high for future work. The comprehensive expansion included the addition of:
  • a new wing connecting the ends of 3 existing wings together, providing shorter circulation routes while increasing building area by adding science labs, technology education labs, nurses suite, guidance area, administration area and a new secure main entrance.
  • a new 2,200 seat capacity gymnasium with locker rooms, restrooms, an auxiliary gym, athletic directors offices, lobby with trophy room and display cases, plus a new public entrance.
  • a new fitness center, student store and cafeteria expansion.
  • site work including a new entrance road improving site circulation, expanded parking, a new baseball field, a new softball field, 2 new soccer fields, a new practice football field, 6 new tennis courts and a new paved band practice field complete with observation tower.