School Social Work Services

Mrs. Lisa Laughery, School Social Worker 
724-861-3020, x1609

Norwin School District employs a full-time social worker, Mrs. Lisa Laughery, LSW. Mrs. Laughery provides a variety of services throughout the school district. Primarily, Mrs. Laughery provides school-based therapy to students who have an IEP and an identified need under their related services. Mrs. Laughery has been practicing since 2012 and has experience with a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, social skills, emotion regulation, and ADHD. Providing therapy at school assists in removing barriers for families to access necessary services, such as transportation, consistency in treatment, and busy schedules. Mrs. Laughery is also able to coordinate services with outpatient service providers to ensure continuity of care.


In addition to school-based therapy, Mrs. Laughery also provides professional development to her colleagues on topics such as youth mental health, as well as consulting on behavioral health plans for students in need.