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Safe Kids FAQ's

Q: What Is Safe Kids?
A: Safe Kids is a central, district wide electronic system to track employee, contractor and volunteer clearance certification documentation and compliance. More information can be found by visiting the district website. Look for the Clearances and Background Checks button to access the Safe Kids page.

Q: How do I obtain the appropriate clearances and background checks?
A: The clearances and background checks are obtained via various agency websites. Links to each website where each clearance / background check may be obtained, can be found on the District’s website, under “Clearances and Background Checks.”

Establishing a Safe Kids account does not automatically get you the appropriate clearances and background checks. You must visit the appropriate clearance/background check website and obtain each clearance/background check. The appropriate websites are hyperlinked in the table found on the District clearance webpage.

Q: How do I obtain a Safe Kids accounts?
A: Employees and board approved volunteers (prior to March 2016) have been preloaded into the system. Everyone else must establish their own account by visiting the clearances and background checks district web page.

Q: I am an Employee and Volunteer. How is this handled with the Safe Kids system?
A. Because you are cleared as an employee, you are automatically cleared as a volunteer with the district and you will not need to do anything besides maintain your clearances and back ground checks as an employee. If you retire or resign, you will need to resubmit as a volunteer. Employees may still obtain a volunteer badge if they’d like.

Q: What do I do I do if forget my login information the Safe Kids site?
A: Click the Login Help link on the Safe Kids login page. You will be prompt for your username and security questions. An email with a temporary password will be emailed to the email address on file for you. If you do not know your username, challenge question or have access to the email account we have one file, email [email protected] for assistance. Be sure to include your name and email address.

Q: I’ve established a Safe Kids account, and have entered my information. Now What?
A: If you were able to scan and upload your clearances and background checks documents, on your own, a district personnel member will process your application. Once your application has been processed and your Background Checks and Clearances have been accepted, you will receive an email. If you need help uploading your clearances and background check documents, you will need to visit a “Processing Center” to have your documents scanned for you. Processing centers are listed on the District Safe Kids Page. BE SURE TO CALL AND SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT AT THE PROCESSING CENTER. The secretary will not always be able to take walk in’s. The equipment used to scan and process clearance and background checks, is used for other tasks and other obligations will prevent the secretary from being available at all times.

Q: What file types are accepted by the Safe Kids system?
A: PDF, JPG and PNG. You can take a photo of paper copies and upload the photo. You can also download apps such as Cam Scanner to create PDF documents from photos that you take with your smart phone.

Q: I’ve received the email stating my Background checks and Clearances have been accepted, now what?
A: The email will contain a certificate that deems you compliant and able to volunteer. You will be asked to present the certificate along with valid photo ID when volunteering. You can also visit the Technology department located inside door 3 at the administrations building, to obtain a “Volunteer ID Badge.” The badge will have a clip attached and you are required to wear the badge the entire time you are volunteering. We are providing the certificates as an acceptable means to prove you are cleared while we transition and get everyone loaded into the new system and ID’d. ID’s are required so please make the best effort to obtain one.

Q: I submitted my clearance and background checks a while ago (2 + weeks) and haven’t heard anything. What can I do?
A: Log back into your Sake Kids account and look for the status of your application. If it says “Sealed,” your documents have been checked and accepted. You may proceed to the Technology Department for a volunteer ID. You can also contact one of your student’s school buildings. The secretary can look up if your Safe Kids application has been processed. If it has and your documents have been accepted, they will direct you to the Technology Department for a volunteer ID.

Q: How do I get a volunteer ID badge?
A: Stop into the technology department ONLY AFTER your background checks and Clearances have been processed and accepted. The technology department is located on the bottom floor of the administration building at 281 McMahon Drive, North Huntingdon PA, 15642. Enter the building via door 3. It’s on the side of the building under the overhang. Ring the buzzer and state you are there to obtain a volunteer ID badge.
NOTE: IF YOUR CLEARANCES AND BACKGROUND CHECKS HAVE NOT BEEN PROCESSED AND ACCEPTED YOU WILL BE TURNED AWAY FROM RECEIVING AN ID. The technology department DOES NOT process clearances and background checks in Safe Kids. Secretaries in the school buildings do.
Tuesdays and Thursdays
7:45am - 11:30am
1:30pm - 3:30pm
CLOSED Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

7:45 AM to 11:30 AM


1:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Hours are subject to change during summer months and for holidays.


Q: How are clearances and background check expiration notices sent?
A: Via email. Employees will be notified via their Norwin email address; all others will be notified via the email address that they provided when they created their Safe kids account. Email [email protected] if you need the email address in your Safe Kids record updated.


Q: When are clearance expiration notifications sent?
A: 30 days before a clearance expires.


Q: I received an email stating one of my clearances or background checks are expired. What do I do?
A: Log into the Safe Kids site, click the “Add/Renew Clearances” button and follow the prompts. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to input and upload ALL of your clearances in the system each time one of your clearances expires. So for example, if your ACT 126 Child Abuse Recognition and training has expired, you will still need to enter and upload your other applicable clearances that are valid and already in the system. The system looks at the clearances in groups and doesn’t compare the groups for valid, compliant records.


Q: Will I need to upload my clearances and background checks documents every year?
A: No. You will only need to upload your documents once and then when one of your clearances and background checks expire.