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Operation Prevention Resources

Operation Prevention is a free educational program created by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (Operation Prevention DEA) and Discovery Education.

It provides students with the tools they need to make smart, informed choices when they are prescribed or presented with the opportunity to experiment with opioids.

Norwin School District began integrating Operation Prevention lessons into health and physical education classes at Norwin Middle School in spring 2017, and is expanding the program to include Grade 6 at Hillcrest Intermediate School and Grade 10 at Norwin High School.

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The Operation Prevention program at Norwin was built upon a strong partnership with the FBI Pittsburgh field office. Its FBI H.O.P.E. (Heroin Outreach Prevention and Education) Initiative brought together educational partners from across Southwestern Pennsylvania who were charged with identifying a curriculum that would education students about the dangers of heroin and opioid addiction.

The Norwin Board of Education authorized the creation of the K-12 Operation Prevention Committee at a school board meeting on March 20, 2017.