Speech & Language Support

The Speech & Language Support Program assists students whose classroom performance is affected by speech and/or language difficulties.

The following areas are addressed in the program:
Apraxia: difficulty sequencing and saying sounds, syllables, and words.
Articulation: the production of sounds.
Auditory Processing: reduced ability to discriminate, recognize or comprehend complex sounds, although the student has normal hearing.
Fluency or stuttering: an interruption of the flow of speech.
Language: the use or interpretation of the symbols of speech. This includes vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, etc.
Social Language or pragmatics: difficulty using language to communicate in social settings. Ex. Turn taking, eye contact, interpreting emotions.
Voice: a problem with the quality of voice. Ex. Raspiness, breathiness, excessive or diminished loudness
How is my child placed into the Speech & Language Support Program?
The Speech Language Pathologist conducts an informal observation of the child. If a communication need is identified, parental permission is obtained and further testing is completed. Placement in the Speech & Language Support Program is based on the results of this evaluation.

What happens next?
After a student qualifies for enrollment in the Speech & Language Support Program, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed by the Speech Language Pathologist. This is a plan that addresses the areas that the child is having difficulty with and states goals to monitor progress.
When will my child exit the program?
Dismissal from the Speech & Language Support Program can occur whenever remediation is no longer necessary and the therapist, classroom teacher, and parent agree to dismissal.

Speech and Language Support Teachers
Mrs. Mary Klocek
(724)861-3000, x 1515

Mrs. Klocek provides services at Middle School & Hillcrest Intermediate School 
Mrs. Amy McLaughlin
(724)861-3000, x6219

Mrs. McLaughlin provides services at Sheridan Terrace Elementary School & Norwin High School
Mrs. Kerry Pringle
(724)861-3000, x1616

Mrs. Pringle provides services at Hahntown Elementary School Norwin Middle School
Ms. Colleen Weaver
(724)861-3000, x6337


Mrs. Weaver provides services at Stewartsville and Sunset Valley Elementary Schools

(724)861-3000, x6403/6270
Ms. Ebbitt provides services at Sunset Valley and Sheridan Terrace Elementary Schools