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COVID-19 School Closure and Case Tracker

Norwin School District is pleased to provide two COVID-19 trackers on this webpage. The first provides families with a view of cases that impact building closures under state guidelines.
The key metric in this tracker is the number of cases of those who were infectious while in school during a 14-day rolling average.
Scroll down further to see Norwin’s original tracker that tallies all cases and does not frame the report in terms of potential building closures. Both trackers are updated regularly.
The District works directly with the PA Department of Health to investigate reported cases. If the staff member or student was physically in school within 48 hours of symptom onset or positive test result (whichever occurred first) then we are told to consider the individual as infectious. Once a number of cases reaches certain thresholds, based on PA Department of Education recommendations, the PA Department of Health provides guidance and advice related to cleaning and disinfecting, contact tracing and quarantine recommendations, and closing certain areas of the school or entire school buildings if necessary. 

Norwin COVID-19 Case Tracker

This graphic shows all cases of COVID-19 that have been reported to the Norwin School District this school year. These reported cases include individuals who received positive COVID-19 test results after being in school within a 48-hour period, while on breaks from instruction, while learning remotely, and while in quarantine out of school. The positive cases are no longer considered to be “active” on the Tracker after a 10-day isolation period per guidance from the Center for Disease Control. Quarantines are considered resolved after 10-14 days depending on if symptoms occur. Cases that are inactive are added to the “Resolved Cases” count in each reporting category so that a year-long count is maintained.