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Tips for Families

What can you do to help your child with this change?

  1. Talk to your child and try to stay positive. Experts say parents have the power to help kids cope with anxiety or make it worse. Sometimes worrying about future change is often worse than reality. This experience will provide a valuable life lesson about adapting to change and being resilient. Focus on the positive aspects and benefits of starting a new school.

  2. Make new friends and keep the old. One positive thing about redistricting is that some of your child’s current friends will be going to the new school. Encourage your child to keep in touch with his or her friends who are not attending the new school. The best way to make new friends is to participate in a club, sport, or activity. Students and their families can begin exploring these ahead of time by visiting the school’s website before the start of school in 2021-2021.

  3. Stay informed. All four K-4 elementary schools operate on a similar schedule and have similar means of communication. However, there are slight variations from school to school. To keep up to date, you can learn more about the Parent-Teacher Association meetings at the elementary level, check the school’s website, and reference the school’s calendar for upcoming events and activities.

  4. Get involved and show your interest. Volunteering at your child’s new school will allow you to get to know the teachers and staff on an informal basis. Each elementary school has an active PTA. Becoming involved in these groups will also show your child that you are committed to their education and adjustment to the new building.

  5. Ask questions. Attend student orientations, transition activities and events, and special get-acquainted events within your school community. Asking questions and communicating frequently will help you and your child in the adjustment. Elementary School counselors are available to help with suggestions and resources for helping your child to make the best possible transition.


Don’t Miss These Opportunities!

  • Pick a spring event (athletic event, music concert, or talent show) scheduled at the new school and go as a family.
  • Attend the transition events in the spring.
  • Look into spring and summer community-based activities that your child could become involved in to get to know students in other buildings who share similar interests.

  • Please note that in-person events are contingent on the status of the pandemic.


Contact Information for Norwin Elementary Schools


  • Hahntown Elementary: (724) 861-3020
    • Principal: Lisa Willig
    • School Counseling Office: Tamala Edmonds
    • Hahntown PTA: Please click here to learn more about Hahntown PTA
  • Sheridan Terrace Elementary: (724) 861-3025
    • Principal: Heather Newell
    • School Counseling Office: Tamala Edmonds
    • Sheridan Terrace PTA: Please click here to learn more about Sheridan Terrace PTA
  • Stewartsville Elementary: (724) 861-3030
    • Principal: April Preisach
    • School Counseling Office: Kiersten MacLaughlin
    • Stewartsville PTA: Please click here to learn more about Stewartsville PTA
  • Sunset Valley Elementary: (724) 861-3035
    • Principal: Jason Cendroski
    • School Counseling Office: Kiersten MacLaughlin
    • Sunset Valley PTA: Please click here to learn more about Sunset Valley PTA