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2022 Holiday Card Art Contest

The Norwin School District is once again sponsoring a holiday card art contest open to any K-12 student. One student’s artwork will be selected to be featured on this year’s district holiday card, which will be sent to every Norwin employee and many community partners. 
Artwork, including drawings, digital art, and photography must be original and non-denominational with an aspect ratio of 5:7 or 7:5. Digital artwork must have an image resolution of 768x1024 pixels or 1024x768 pixels or greater. 
Students may submit their artwork through their art or homeroom teacher. Please include the student’s name, school, grade, and teacher’s name. 
The District is also accepting digital submissions of non-digital artwork such as drawings or paintings. Using the Google Form below please submit a photo of the artwork, ensuring that the photo is not blurry and the entire work is within the frame. In order to ensure a quality photo, please turn off your camera's flash and avoid bright lights behind the camera so there is no shadow on your work. Please submit the original file size in the highest resolution possible.
The contest deadline is Wednesday, November 16, 2022.
The District is pleased to be co-sponsoring the 3rd Annual Holiday Card Art Contest with the Norwin School District Community Foundation. 
To learn more about the Norwin School District Community Foundation, please visit