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Facilities Planning for the Future

Norwin School District is proud of its first-rate schools and facilities, many of which were renovated in the early 2000s and provide excellent learning spaces for the children of the community. However, as with owning a home, sooner or later, items need to be maintained, repaired, or replaced.

The Need for a Facilities Action Committee

The School District has a number of high-priority facilityauditorium needs that will require maintenance, repair or replacement in the near future. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation of our facilities was warranted in order to proactively plan for the future. 
To address this need, Norwin School District has assembled a team of community volunteers who are serving on the Facilities Action Committee (FAC). Due to the nature of the committee's work, these volunteers include people with diverse backgrounds in facilities management, HVAC, engineering, building maintenance and repair, construction, and related areas.
The volunteers on the Facilities Action Committee are reviewing the state of Norwin School District facilities and will offer input into the creation of a Ten-Year Master Facilities Plan. This will include all facility-related capital projects that were identified in a recent Master Facilities Study completed by VEBH Architects.
This plan will be instrumental as we continue to provide quality educational progSheridan Terracerams for academics, athletics, the arts, and recreational programs to Norwin students and community members for decades to come.

Goals of the Committee

The Facilities Action Committee's goals are to:
  • Offer overall recommendations for the ten-year master facilities plan
  • Offer recommendations for short-term capital projects (1-3 years and  3-5 years)
  • Offer recommendations for long term capital projects (5-10 years)


Thank you, Facilities Action Committee

We are grateful to the volunteers on the Facilities Action Committee for their time, effort, and expertise. The efforts of the Facilities Action Committee exemplify our District’s commitment to provide:
  • A Safe and Secure Environment
  • A World-Class Education
  • An Environment that Supports Growth
  • Fiscal Integrity