Hahntown & Sheridan Terrace Students Learn Valuable Lessons in Digital Citizenship

In October, computer science students at Hahntown and Sheridan Terrace celebrated Digital Citizenship Month by learning about the importance of being a good digital citizen.

This included a lesson about “digital footprints,” which are records of your online activities, including the sites you visit and the things you post.

Students completed a “ToothPASTE” activity in which they observed their teacher squirt all of the toothpaste out of a tube. Then, students were asked, “How can we put ALL of the toothpaste back into the tube?” As the students came up with creative solutions and noted them using their iPads, they quickly realized that once the toothpaste came out of the tube, there was no way to get it all back in.

The students’ K-4 Computer Science teacher, Ms. Courtney Crupie, said her goal was for her students to understand the importance of pausing and thinking when they are online. People’s digital footprints can be big or small, helpful or hurtful, depending on choices made each day.

“As their Computer Science Teacher, it is my responsibility to provide them with the skills they need to create positive digital footprints that currently represent them, and will also represent them someday in their futures. The students learned that digital footprints are like the toothpaste… they CANNOT be erased!”

Ms. Crupie’s students also completed an enrichment activity in their Computer Science Google Classroom in which they were asked to tell the difference between personal information and private information by examining “Fakebook” accounts and fictional tweets.

All elementary students received iPads this year through Norwin’s 1:World Initiative. That made it a priority to teach students good Digital Citizenship skills and to be respectful, responsible, and safe online, Ms. Crupie said.