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Our District

The Norwin School District serves approximately 5,300 students in grades K-12.
Norwin School District is comprised of the municipalities of North Huntingdon Township, Irwin Borough and North Irwin Borough in southwestern Westmoreland County. There is also a small portion of the School District (18 properties) in neighboring Allegheny County in White Oak Borough and South Versailles Township. The Norwin School District is the result of the 1958 jointure between the North Huntingdon Township Schools and the Irwin Borough Schools, reuniting what was in the 1930's one system.

Approximately ten (10) miles from Greensburg, the county seat, and twenty (20) miles from downtown Pittsburgh, off exit 67 (old exit 7) of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the community covers thirty-six (36) square miles while serving as home to approximately 30,000 residents.
The mission of the Norwin School District is to provide a positive, learner-centered environment that supports the growth of all students. 
Leading educational excellence, Engaging our community, Achieving student potential, Developing responsible citizens, Sharing District success 
CORE VALUES - The Norwin Nine
  1. Expect Educational Excellence
  2. Invest in Innovation
  3. Focus on the Future
  4. Encourage Student Agency and Ownership
  5. Cultivate Curiosity, Creativity, and Critical Thinking
  6. Nurture the Health and Well-Being of Students and Relationships
  7. Create a Community of Learners
  8. Promote a Positive School Climate and Safe Environment
  9. Engage our Community and Enhance Educational Partnerships