Preschool Transition

What is the Night with the Young Knights?

This program is funded through the United Way Transition grant. Norwin Kindergarten teachers and local preschool teachers work together to create a smooth transition for children entering kindergarten. As a team, a topic is presented to parents whose children will be entering kindergarten the following school year.The ultimate goal is to help children and parents smoothly transition into a new school and a new chapter of their lives.

Who is Invited?
Norwin School District will work with local preschools to promote the program. There is an open invitation to any child, accompanied by a parent within the Norwin School District who will be entering kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year. Invitations to Night with the Young Knights will be provided to each of the preschools. Preschools are encouraged to distribute the invitations to students who will attend public school in the fall. Norwin School District's website also provides the information.

Parents and their children are invited to attend the programs at the child's school of attendance.
Families will be engaged with hands on activities, home practice ideas and important kindergarten readiness skills. Families will visit kindergarten classrooms and see preschool and kindergarten teachers working together!
Each session will have different activities and different topics.

Dates and times for the program are TBA

If you have any questions about where your child will go to school,
please call Leslie Felt at 724-861-3021   
All other questions can be directed
to Jennifer Beckerleg at