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Welcome to the Norwin School District Human Resources Department. We are pleased that you are interested in our District for employment or volunteer opportunities. The Norwin School District accepts applications for various positions when a vacancy, or an anticipated vacancy exists, or if substitutes are needed.
On behalf of Norwin School District, we appreciate your interest in employment with us.
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Please read this important Information for all Norwin School District Applicants

Recently, the District made updates to our Fast Track Application system which may require you to reapply for any position you may have applied for in the past.  Click HERE for more detailed information.




Cafeteria Monitor - Stewartsville (PT)
  • $11.00/hour - 2.25 hrs/day
  • 2 days a week (Wednesdays, Thursdays)
  • Interested applicants can apply online by clicking on the Apply button below and select Food Service Monitor.


Floater Non-Certified School Nurse Needed
  • For 3-4 Days a week (flexibility provided)
  • Must be an RN or an LPN (does not require PA School Nurse Certificate)
  • Must have a valid/current nursing license
  • Salary for LPN is $20.00/hour; Salary for RN is $22.50/hr.
  • Interested applicants should send a resume to: [email protected]




General Maintenance Technician

The Norwin School District is accepting applications for a SECOND shift General Maintenance Tech. Successful candidate must have a High School Diploma or equivalent. Preferred three years’ documented experience in general maintenance with a work history in one or more of the following: HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. Graduation from an accredited trade school in HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and/or building trades is preferred. Starting salary for this union position is $18.90/hour. Interested individuals should click on the APPLY button below to submit credentials under Maintenance-Skilled Trade/Maintenance.  PRE-EMPLOYMENT TESTING IS REQUIRED.




As part of the continuing effort to address the substitute teacher shortage, and in conjunction with Act 91 of 2021, the following information is being provided as an opportunity for employment.


A school entity may request a Classroom Monitor Permit through the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s (PDE) Teacher Information Management System (TIMS). A classroom monitor may be employed to provide coverage and deliver preplanned assignments in a classroom; though, importantly, a classroom monitor may not plan lessons or create or grade student work.


An individual receiving a Classroom Monitor Permit must satisfy the following requirement(s) as outlined in Act 91:


  • Has completed at least 60 semester hours or the equivalent of courses at a regionally accredited college or university located in Pennsylvania OR have at least three (3) years’ experience as a paraprofessional in a school entity and is currently employed as a paraprofessional in a school entity; and
  • Has met the pre-employment requirements for background clearances, citizenship, and good moral character under the School Code and Child Protective Service Law; and
  • Is at least 25 years of age; and
  • Has completed training on classroom management provided by an intermediate unit (IU) and approved by PDE. 


Once the above steps have been completed and the Classroom Monitor Permit from PDE has been issued, the employee would be entitled to perform the additional classroom duties allowed for a Classroom Monitor, as well as being entitled to a higher rate of pay on days while performing the Classroom Monitor duties.  The guidelines state that the employee hired would be entitled to the school entity’s day to day substitute teacher rate, which is currently $150/day. 


If you are interested in obtaining the Classroom Monitor Permit, please contact Maria Doyle, HR Secretary, to let her know your intent so that she can monitor your progress.  You can reach her at 724-861-3027 or d[email protected]


Also, as per the guidelines, you must register to take the pre-approved/appropriate course through an intermediate unit.    


The Westmoreland Intermediate Unit has a pre-approved course available.  You may register to take this course via this site:  https://forms.gle/VyMpGohfwppqZe497 .  After completing the registration form, registrants will be provided with a link and enrollment key, along with instructions on how to access the course.  




Once you have completed the course, you would turn the Certificate showing completion in to Maria in the Human Resource Office.



Part-Time or Full Time Nurses 

  • Must be an RN or an LPN (does not require PA School Nurse Certificate)
  • Current nursing license and all applicable clearances will be required upon offer of employment
  • Salary for LPN is $20.00/hour; Salary for RN is $22.50/hr.
  • Interested applicants should send a resume to: [email protected]


Substitute Teachers
  • Teacher Certified & Emergency Certified
  • All areas of certification needed
  • Substitute teachers may need to teach in-person, synchronous, and/or remotely as needed in order to meet District needs
  • Pay rate has been recently increased to $150/day for day to day substitutes, $160 for Assigned Building Substitute Teachers, and $200/day for "extended" substitute teacher assignments (6-89 days)
Full-Time Custodians 
  • Available primarily for 2nd and 3rd shift work
  • Full-Time pay rate is $14.95/hour
  • Click Apply button below to submit application. We cannot accept printed applications. 



Permanent (for the school year), and extended/long-term substitute paraprofessional positions are available throughout the year in Learning Support, Life Skills, Autistic Support, Emotional Support, and one-on-one student paraprofessionals.  


Paraprofessional Pay Rates (Recently Increased for 2022-2023):

  • Permanent/full-time Certified (Teacher Certified) - $21.50/hour
  • Permanent/full-time Emergency Certified - $20.25/hour
  • Permanent/full-time Non-Certified - $17.00/hour
  • Substitute Certified (Teacher Certified) - $16.00/hour
  • Substitute Emergency Certified * - $15.00/hour
  • Substitute Non-Certified - $13.00/hour
    * To be eligible for "Emergency Certification," you must have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree


Important Details for Paraprofessional Positions:

  • Typically, paraprofessional positions are hired on a year-to-year basis
  • Up to three (3) sick days and bereavement are provided per year
  • Single Coverage Healthcare Benefits provided - $50/pay

Substitute Custodians 
  • Available primarily for 2nd and 3rd shift work
  • Substitute pay rate is $13.00/hour
  • Click Apply button below to submit application. We cannot accept printed applications. 
Substitute Secretaries
  • Substitute pay rate is $13.00/hour - various positions available on an as-needed basis
  • Click Apply button below to submit application under Secretarial. We cannot accept printed applications. 
Substitute Cafeteria Monitors
  • $10.00/hour - 2.25 hrs/day
  • Interested applicants can apply online by clicking on the Apply button below and select Food Service Monitor.



Substitute School Nurses
  • Positions available as substitute Certified School Nurses and substitute Non-Certified School Nurses 
  • Must be an RN or an LPN, hold a current nursing license
  • Salary for substitute School Nurse is $150/day
  • Salary for substitute Non-Certified School Nurse is $15.00/hour.

Substitute Cafeteria Workers (leading to permanent positions)

  • No evenings or weekends; variable hours available during the day
  • Substitute pay rate is $13.00/hour
  • Step 1: Click Apply button below to submit application under Food Service General Worker
  • Step 2: Contact Rod Stewart, Director of Food & Nutrition Services at 724.861.3000 x1131 or [email protected]

Important Information for All Applicants

  • Current Acts 24, 34, Act 151, FBI Clearances, Act 126 Child Abuse Recognition & Reporting Training (Part I) and Act 126 Educator Discipline Act Training (Part II), and 168 Background check(s) must be submitted before being permitted to work.
  • Applications are accepted at any time during the year and are typically kept on file for a period of one (1) school year.
  • Applicants are responsible to ensure their application information is updated.
  • Hard copy applications and/or credentials should not be mailed to the District.
  • When you click the Apply button, please be advised that:
    • Not all of the the positions listed in our Fast Track system are open positions. The Fast Track system houses all applications coming into the District whether they are solicited or unsolicited.
    • Typically, a specific open & posted position will have a department and a location attached to the posting, as well as a deadline date to apply (not "until filled").
    • If there are no vacancies, any applications submitted will remain on this site for a period of at least one (1) school year.
    • You may update your application at any time after submission. In order to keep your application from being purged, there must be login activity.