Sunset Valley Students Show That They are “Kids of STEEL”

In October, first grade students at Sunset Valley learned about the importance of exercise and participated in several fun workouts with the Kids of STEEL Program.

Coach Derrick Shoffner with Kids of STEEL spoke to the students via Zoom about fun ways to get in 60 minutes of exercise each day. Students in Mrs. Shavel, Mrs. Houston, Mr. Paladin, and Mrs. Dixon’s classrooms participated.

According to first grade teacher Mrs. Meg Dixon, the lesson was a huge hit with the kids and the teachers.  “Coach Derrick was very engaging and gave the kids a lot of great ways to move and be active - even when they are at home.”

This tied into the English Language Arts essential question, "How does your body move?" During this unit, students read nonfiction texts about the way human and animal bodies move. In health and science, they learned about the bone and muscular structure of their bodies. The learning goal of the Zoom with Kids of STEEL lesson was to apply what they had learned during the week. After the lesson, they talked about the muscles and bones used during exercise and made connections to the nonfiction texts that they read during the week.

Kids of STEEL is a free training program based in Pittsburgh that helps motivate kids and their families to get moving. The program is available to individuals and at more than 180 schools in western Pennsylvania. For more information, visit