Sunset Valley Kindness Club Sends Cheer and Goodwill to Families, Community

Some fourth-grade students at Sunset Valley are spreading cheer and kindness through their community by answering a “kindness challenge.”

Fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Lauren Knesh started a kindness club in her classroom at Sunset Valley last year, and she has continued it this year. Throughout the year, the club completes activities that benefit friends, family, school, and community. The club even had a challenge for the whole school in the spring to spread cheer and kindness through the community during an unprecedented time. Sunset Valley has been working very hard to spread kindness within their school and community.

This fall, students and their families were challenged to do the following:

  1. Write a note to a neighbor expressing their gratitude for something they did to help them and/or their neighborhood – OR – if they have not met their neighbors yet, write a letter introducing themselves.
  1. Write a note of appreciation to a family member who does not live with them and mail it to them.

“The students and their families rose to the challenge and easily spread cheer and kindness through their community,” Mrs. Knesh said. “Our school is working really hard on our kindness virtue and I am so proud of them.”

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.” ~ Helen James

In the photos, Sunset Valley students and family members share the smiles that resulted from their Kindness Challenges.