Board Recognition Month

Access to high-quality public education is crucial for our children’s success and for the strength of our society. Providing this education requires a team of dedicated people, including teachers, administrators, staff, parents and other community members. The nine members of the Norwin Board of School Directors are a key part of this team, making informed decisions that shape our public schools.

January is designated School Director Recognition Month – a time for us to celebrate and recognize the challenging and vital work boards do on behalf of our students, schools and families.

A book has been purchased and will be placed in one of our school’s libraries in honor of each board member. At the January 18, 2021 Legislative Meeting, Norwin School District Superintendent Dr. Jeff Taylor recognized each member and presented their book as follows:

Pete the Cat: Construction Destruction by James Dean

Dedicated to Mr. Brian Carlton, President

The Money Club: A Teenage Guide to Financial Literacy by Jasmine Brown

Dedicated to Mr. Donald Rhodes, Vice President

I Am Drums by Mike Grosso

Dedicated to Darlene Ciocca

Riley the Real Estate Investor by P.E. Barnes

Dedicated to Tony Corsa

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Dedicated to William Essay

Florence Nightingale, Mother of Modern Nursing by Carol Alexander

Dedicated to Joanna Jordan

The Pittsburgh Steelers Story by Allan Morey

Dedicated to Ray Kocak

Shoot Your Shot: A Sport-Inspired Guide To Living Your Best Life by Vernon Brundage Jr. 

Dedicated to Pat Lynn

A Different Way to Win: Dan Rooney's Story from the Super Bowl to the Rooney Rule by Jim Rooney

Dedicated to Bob Wayman

 On average, school directors devote up to 10 hours per month to the complex responsibilities of board business, including adopting policy, voting on budgets, evaluating school security issues and reviewing hiring decisions.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has added an additional challenge to school boards, as they determine how best to provide for the needs of students and their families in this new environment. From navigating virtual board meetings to supplying students with needed food and technology and during remote instruction, boards were tasked with making critical decisions quickly with the best information available.

Board service is an unpaid position, and the majority of school directors across Pennsylvania cite their desire to give back or contribute to public education as the main motivation for their service. As locally elected officials, school directors are invested in their communities. They are our neighbors, friends, local leaders, parents, and engaged citizens.

The Norwin Board of Education has also taken the step of adopting the PSBA Principles for Governance and Leadership – a framework of action steps designed to increase boards’ effectiveness. According to research by education research firm CRA, school board actions have a direct effect on student achievement. Therefore, it is crucial that boards engage in actions that increase their effectiveness, for the betterment of the students they serve.

During this month designated for recognizing these public servants, please take a moment to express your gratitude for school directors’ time and efforts year-round on behalf of our communities. The job they do ensures our schools continue to provide opportunities for success for every student, even during unprecedented circumstances.

On behalf of all Norwin students, families, and staff, thank you to the members of the Norwin Board of School Directors for their commitment and dedication.

Norwin Board of Education


Seated (L-R):  Darlene J. Ciocca; Brian S. Carlton, President; William A. Essay; Joanna Jordan.

Standing (L-R): Raymond Kocak; Robert E. Wayman;
Donald W. Rhodes, Jr., Vice President; Patrick A. Lynn; Tony L. Corsa.