Norwin Approves Final Budget for the 2018-2019 School Year


At the Norwin Board of Education’s June 29, 2018 Regular Meeting, members approved a 2018-2019 Final Budget that calls for $70,942,536 in total expenditures to provide high-quality educational programs and services for Norwin School District’s more than 5,300 students in grades K-12.  The Final Budget reflects an increase of $2.3 million, or 3.2 percent, over last school year’s budget.

In addition, members approved a 3.1 percent real estate tax increase, which is the increase allowed under the Act 1 limit without exceptions.  The increase equates to a 2.4-mill increase in real estate taxes in Westmoreland County and a 0.32-mill increase in real estate taxes in Allegheny County due to State Tax Equalization Board variations among county assessment rates.  The tax increase will cost an estimated additional $52.50 for a property with a median assessed value of $21,870 in Westmoreland County.  One mill of real estate taxes generates approximately $396,000 for the School District.

State retirement pension costs, tuition for charter and cyber schools, and increased costs for special education programs and services continue to impact the District’s Education Budget significantly.  The Board and Administration are doing their best to limit the impact on staffing and student programs by reallocating, restructuring, and realigning resources under these extenuating circumstances.

Increases in state subsidies for basic education have been minimal and are less than adequate to meet normal operating costs of the District.  Revenue from local sources is budgeted at $39.7 million; revenue from state sources is projected to be $29.8 million; and revenue from federal sources is budgeted at about $740,000.

Despite the funding challenges, Norwin School District has made a commitment to hire many new faculty and staff to provide quality educational programs and services for students. 

Within the approved Education Budget, instructional costs are projected to be approximately $42.7 million; support services, approximately $20.2 million; non-instructional services (including student activities and community services), approximately $2.1 million; and other expenditures and financing (such as debt service being paid for District facilities), approximately $6 million.

Norwin School District’s tax rate for the 2018-2019 school year will be 80.0 mills in Westmoreland County.  This includes 1.2 mills, or approximately $482,000, that the Norwin School District collects and remits to the Norwin Public Library. This was the result of a Norwin Library Association-generated referendum approved by School District voters in 2000.

The Final Budget is available for public inspection on the District’s Web site at under “Departments” and “Business Office.”