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Lead Testing

To prevent exposure to lead contamination in the drinking water of Pennsylvania's schools, the Public School Code was amended in June 2018 by Act 39 to:
  • Encourage schools to test for lead in their drinking water 
  • Require schools that do not test to discuss lead issues at a public meeting
  • Implement a plan if results exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) national primary drinking water standard of 15 parts per billion (ppb) 
The Facilities Department test water annually in all Norwin School District buildings.  The testing results from this year are as follows: 
  • All water samples scanned for lead are below the federal Environmental Protection Agency limit of 15 ppb
When lead testing is conducted and water samples show lead levels in excess of 15 ppb, the school will immediately:
  • Ensure that no child or adult is exposed to drinking water contaminated with lead
  • Make alternative sources of drinking water available
  • Take corrective actions as necessary 
As required by Act 39 of 2018, elevated levels will be reported to the PA Department of Education.  For more information, contact the Facilities Department at 724-861-3016.