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Our Generous EITC Supporters

Ms. Heidi Stratton-Minor, Assistant Vice President and Branch Manager of First National Bank's Circleville Office, stands with grateful students who experienced an electronic circuitry camp through a generous donation from First National Bank. Ms. Stratton-Minor is in the center in the back row.

The Norwin School District Community Foundation expresses its deep appreciation to First National Bank for donations that support innovative programs for Norwin School District students.
In 2013, First National Bank made a generous $5,000 donation to the Norwin School District Community Foundation through EITC. This donation enabled Norwin School District to hold a 2014 summer camp about electronic circuitry called "Little Bits" for elementary students. The donation provided the high-tech circuitry equipment which students at Hillcrest Intermediate School will enjoy for years to come. At the summer camp, students made innovative creations using magnetic circuits that were pre-wired to function as mechanical or electronic pieces. Students enhanced their projects with artwork to complete a creative, inventive twist to engineering. The camp was led by Ms. Molli Brown, an art teacher at Hillcrest Intermediate School, and Ms. Diana Cardamone, a teacher at both Sunset Valley and Stewartsville elementary schools.

In September 2014, First National Bank made an extraordinary $30,000 donation to the Norwin School District Community Foundation through the state's Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. This will support advanced academic programs for Norwin students. FNB continued their generous support with a $10,000 gift in 2015, and another $10,000 gift in 2016.

Additional photos from the "Little Bits" circuitry camp can be seen below. For more information about how to help Norwin students through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program, please explore the Web pages listed at the upper left of this Web page.

Little Bits Electronic Circuitry Camp
“Making donations through the EITC program to organizations like Norwin School District gives First National Bank the opportunity to make a difference in our local communities,” said Mr. Vincent J. Delie, Jr., President and CEO of Pittsburgh-based F.N.B. Corporation and CEO of First National Bank.

Ms. Heidi Stratton-Minor, Branch Manager at First National Bank’s Circleville Office, visited the Little Bits Camp to see the students’ final projects. She said First National Bank is happy to partner with Norwin School District.

“We know that through programs like Norwin’s, an investment in our children’s education enriches their lives as well as the livelihood of the entire community,” Ms. Stratton-Minor said.

Ms. Stratton-Minor also volunteers as a board member of the Norwin School District Community Foundation.

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F.N.B. Corporation (NYSE: FNB), headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a diversified financial services company operating in six states and three major metropolitan areas. Learn more at

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