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District Brand & Logo Usage

Norwin School District has developed brand guidelines as a strategic step to ensure brand uniformity. When creating print or online marketing materials, please refer to these guidelines, so that together, we can continue to build a stronger, consistent brand presence for Norwin School District.
NSD Logo
NSD N NSD LogoNSD Knight
The current NSD Logos (shown above) are an officially registered trademark of the Norwin School District. Any district-affiliated group or for-profit business wishing to use Norwin's official logo is required to enter into a trademark licensing agreement. 
If the logo is misused or misrepresented in any way, such actions will be subject to legal penalties as allowed by law. Anyone interested in obtaining permission to use the NSD Logo is asked to contact Ms. Lauren Steiner via the form below to make a request. Once a request has been approved, specific files will be shared. 
Authorized retailers of merchandise featuring the Norwin School District brand ensure the integrity and quality of the products. These retailers adhere to licensing agreements with the Norwin School District, guaranteeing that all branded merchandise meets the standards set by the district. These retailers play a crucial role in maintaining the reputation of the district's brand, providing a reliable source for supporters and community members to obtain high-quality merchandise that proudly represents the Norwin School District.
Current Norwin School District Retailers:
Preferred Partner:
Julie's Bubble Tea 
Authorized Retailers:
LNJ Spiritwear
Timberflare Studio Logo
Licensing terms and fees for the use of the logo will be determined by the following:
  • District-Affiliated Groups - No royalty will be charged if the Licensee is a student, student organization, parent organization, or other District affiliated school-support or booster organization using the District logo to promote a group of students, an activity or event, a campus, or the District, and the use is in furtherance of school-related business or activity. The Director of Communications and Development or designee shall determine, in its sole discretion, what constitutes use in furtherance of school-related business or activity and is authorized to revoke permission if the use is improper or does not conform to District policy.
  • Apparel/Retail Sale Licensing - A fixed fee of $500.00 per academic year payable on execution of this Agreement and on each annual renewal date of this Agreement by the Licensee that grants permission to use the District Marks and Logos on merchandise items intended for sale to the public. These include but are not limited to, items such as clothing apparel, mugs, water bottles, bags, umbrellas, etc.
The Norwin School District permits the for-profit sale of items to the community containing the trademarked NSD branding provided that:
  • Businesses and organizations enter into a licensing agreement
  • NSD Branding and Logo may not be used in connection with any of the following:
    • Any product that criticizes or disparages NSD, or otherwise injures the reputation of NSD;
    • Any product or printed matter that promotes, describes, or endorses activity or behavior that is unlawful or against District Policy, Regulations, or Student Code of Conduct;
    • Any product or printed matter that promotes, describes, or endorses activity or behavior that, if performed, would constitute a safety hazard; or
    • Any product or printed matter that promotes, describes, or endorses activity, behavior, or beliefs that can reasonably be deemed offensive to any group of persons, including without limitation activity, behavior, or beliefs related to race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or age.
To enter into a licensing agreement with the Norwin School District or for any questions, please contact Ms. Lauren Steiner.