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Welcome Message

Superintendent’s Welcome Message
Jeffrey M. Taylor, Ed. D.

On behalf of the Board of Education, welcome to the Norwin School District!

The quality of community life is directly related to the quality of its educational school system.

The Norwin school system consists of seven schools serving students, a District administration building, and a centralized maintenance facility. Approximate student enrollment is as follows: 1,980 students attend the four K-4 elementary schools; 785 students in Grades 5 and 6 attend Hillcrest Intermediate School; 830 students in Grades 7 and 8 attend Norwin Middle School; and 1,620 students are enrolled at the High School, which encompasses grades 9-12.

The Norwin School District is committed to sustaining a quality educational system and our Board, Administration, Faculty, and Support Staff will do everything possible to build on the tradition and successes of a premier School District.

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of the school community, our parents and families, and the greater Norwin community, the School District is strategically positioned to enhance educational programs and services for all students.

The Norwin Comprehensive Plan (2019-2022) submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education reaffirms our primary Mission: “Preparing students to become productive and responsible citizens in an ever-changing global society.”
The Board of Education and Administration have a core belief that all students will have access to and equity regarding K-12 educational programs and services, including gifted and special education. This includes nurturing the attributes of good citizenship, good sportsmanship, and character education – the foundation for producing student leaders, academic success, and community service learning.

In order for Norwin School District to sustain its quality educational programs and services, there has been and will continue to be an ongoing process of restructuring, reallocating, and realigning resources. This ongoing process requires a straight and steady course of action and a commitment on the part of all stakeholders in the school community.

There are two primary focus areas:

* To do what is best for students educationally and to do what is fiscally responsible for taxpayers. This will require the cooperation of all stakeholders in the Norwin School District now and in the future.

* To build capacity, accountability, and efficiency in the public school system. This will require effective communication, critical thinking skills, creativity, and collaboration between and among all of us.

As you navigate this Website and discover the many positive aspects of the Norwin School District, it is my hope that you recognize the Norwin public schools as a premier educational system. As the District moves forward with a strategy for success, please join the stakeholders of the greater Norwin community for an exciting and rewarding journey by becoming involved and by making a positive difference in the lives of our children.