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Welcome Message

Dr. Jeff Taylor
Dear Norwin Families and Community Members,
The 2022-2023 school year is off to a fantastic start and will be filled with a number of new and exciting programs that will greatly enhance our student learning experiences and environment. Many of the new student-centered initiatives are products of the time and energy spent last year focused on long-term thinking and strategic planning. 

Our time focused on long-term thinking was well spent as it resulted in the creation of our District’s multi-year Comprehensive Plan. Through the collaborative efforts of over 37 parents, community members, students, and staff, our District’s Comprehensive Plan will establish a clear guiding path for ensuring student success as we continue to move our District forward over the next several years. 

Just as a compass points toward a consistent “true north,” the District’s Comprehensive Plan will serve as our compass ~ by keeping us moving in the correct direction in order to achieve our mission to “provide a positive, student-centered environment that supports the growth of all students as learners and citizens.” 

Following the path to our “true north,” the District will continue to examine our actions and decisions through the lens of our new vision statement: “Norwin LEADS.” In doing so, we will prepare students for their future, and not our past, by Leading educational excellence, Engaging our community, Achieving student potential, Developing responsible citizens, and Sharing district success ~ Norwin LEADS.  

Some people call long–term thinking the greatest tool for success. Those who can keep the future in mind when making everyday decisions are simply more likely to be successful. Together, members of the Norwin Board of Education, administration, faculty, and staff will continue to diligently work to make Norwin School District one of America’s best public school districts – not just for 2022-2023,  but for the long-term.

I am confident that the 2022-2023 school year will be filled with much success and will continue to make us #norwinproud. 
Dr. Jeff Taylor,