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OverviewNorwin Online Academy
The Norwin Online Academy (formerly called the WIU eAcademy) is an online learning option for students who reside in the Norwin School District who will be entering grades K-12. The Norwin Online Academy provides children with online learning along with the opportunity to participate in all activities, sports, clubs, and programs.
The Norwin Online Academy curriculum has been developed in collaboration with online learning experts and is based on years of research and best practices for excellence in online learning. The goal is to bring flexibility and options to the children of Norwin, while building necessary skills for success. Students who participate in the Norwin Online Academy will enjoy all the benefits of being a Norwin student, including earning a Norwin School District diploma and participating in graduation ceremonies, while receiving a customized, student-centered education that meets individual educational and social needs. 
Flexibility & Student-Centered Choices
Imagine a school day where students are not directed by busses and bell schedules. Because the Norwin Online Academy is part of a consortium, students have the option of taking a wide range of online courses in all areas of the curriculum. Students can choose a schedule and courses that suit them, their goals, and to fulfill the credits they need for graduation with a Norwin diploma. When students are working remotely, they will have access to teachers and technical support both online and over the phone. Whatever path your child takes, you can be assured that his or her education will be well supported.
A Quality Online Education Begins Here
Teachers - All courses offered through the Norwin Online Academy are taught by highly-qualified, Pennsylvania-certified teachers from Norwin or surrounding school districts in Westmoreland County, as necessary. Currently, nearly 40 Norwin School District educators participate in the Norwin Online Academy as teachers. All teachers have received comprehensive training in best practices and pedagogy for online teaching and interactive learning.

Core Curriculum — Each Norwin course fully incorporates all standards as set forth by the PA Department of Education for that course. This means that your child can move between online courses and the traditional Norwin classroom without experiencing “gaps” in the curriculum. However, when your child takes an online course, he or she will cover the same high-quality material and objectives as students in Norwin classrooms. Due to the online nature of learning, students may not be using the same instructional materials such as textbooks and online resources. 

Course Rigor - Each course is designed with the rigor and quality instruction of a traditional classroom. Lessons and assessments are designed to challenge students and encourage inquiry, while fostering individual needs and learning styles. Because students have more flexibility in an online course, they move through material at a more customized pace.

Socialization - The Norwin Online Academy believes in the importance of developing a sense of community and socialization within learning experiences. Each course integrates the use of several multimedia tools designed to engage students in the course content, as well as with their peers. This provides students with the ability to discover and share with their online classmates, while building critical skills for interacting and collaborating online.

Engaging Students - Courses are offered to students through an online environment using both asynchronous and voluntary synchronous instruction. Unlike typical courses offered through other online learning institutions, the online courses at the Norwin Online Academy are robust and interactive. Content is presented in a variety of engaging ways using multimedia and collaborative tools. Teachers use the latest tools and emerging technologies to bring course content to life, which results in lessons that intrinsically motivate students and appeal to the preferences of today’s digital learner.

Computer and Internet Access - In the Norwin Online Academy, students are provided with an iPad. If a course requires a laptop, one will be provided. Hotspots for internet accessibility are available to Norwin Online Academy students upon request. All devices are loaded with needed programs, accessible to the internet, and supported by the Norwin School District technology department. 

Benefits of Hybrid Learning
Onsite Curriculum—Students who elect a schedule that includes a hybrid learning environment will have options in the courses they take on campus. For some learners, attending in-person classes at a Norwin school and taking several remote classes is a good fit.

Advanced Placement Curriculum—Students who choose a schedule that includes a hybrid learning environment will be able to select from all advanced placement courses on campus.

College in High School—The College in High School Program allows students to earn college credits and a transcript from the University of Pittsburgh and/or Seton Hill University while taking classes in the Norwin High School. The College in High School classes have a minimal tuition fee.

Vocational Technical Programs—In partnership with the Central Westmoreland Career and Technology Center, which provides over 20 half-day technical programs, students will have the option to pursue courses in skilled labor and industry-based technology programs.

Post-Secondary—Students and families will be able to take advantage of college and career planning by participating in assemblies, programs, career and scheduling fairs, onsite visits from college and university representatives and from military personnel.
Contact Information:
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Mr. Nick Fallone 
Norwin Online Academy, Principal 
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