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Norwin School District curriculum is guided by academic standards and outcomes that describe what students should know and be able to do after completing each grade level or course. Instruction is linked to the outcomes and common assessments for each course or grade level. Teaching strategies will, of course, vary according to the needs of the class. All curriculum is aligned with the Pennsylvania state standards.

NOTE: The K-6 Curriculum is in the process of being revised. The hyperlinks for those grades will be activated when the revisions are completed.
High School K-12 Curriculum
Kindergarten Art Art
First Grade Business Education Business Education
Second Grade English  
Third Grade Family & Consumer Science Family & Consumer Science
Fourth Grade Guidance Curriculum/Career Planning Guidance Curriculum/Career Planning
Fifth Grade Mathematics Mathematics
Sixth Grade Music Music
Seventh Grade Health & Physical Education Health & Physical Education
Eighth Grade Science Science
  Social Studies Social Studies
  Technology Education Technology Education
  Technology Safety Curriculum 9-12 Technology Safety Curriculum 9-12