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Curriculum Overview

Welcome to the Norwin School District Curriculum Page.
This page and the links located in the navigation panel links to the right are intended to help visitors understand the following:
  • What is curriculum?
  • What are the District’s goals for publishing curriculum?
  • What is the curriculum development process at Norwin?
  • How the curriculum is represented to the public in this forum?
Curriculum Beliefs
The Norwin School District believes that its curriculum should identify the firm learning goals that are reached through flexible means. As such, teams of administrators, curriculum leaders, and teachers meet regularly to review, reflect on, and revise the content of our courses. The District also believes that stakeholders should have a consistent and clear understanding of the courses and their overarching areas of focus. Information on Norwin School District courses is available in the Course of Study books, links to Departments, and the ability to view courses in the Atlas curriculum site.
What is Curriculum?

Curriculum is organized units of study that are sequenced around academic standards and planned learning experiences as they are addressed over a typical school year. The curriculum guides offered here provide a description of what students will learn. The actual delivery of instruction by teachers varies in order to address the needs of the students. Through deliberate rounds of application, analysis, and reflection, the curriculum is revised so that students are effectively engaged in focused practice and demonstration of their content-oriented learning skills.
Curriculum is not individual lessons or teaching strategies. Instead, it serves as a common framework for a course so that students who are enrolled have a similar experience that is articulated around the same learning goals. Curriculum is not “finished.” It evolves to keep pace with the diverse needs of students and events of the times. The curriculum development process occurs at different times for each course and department, so all curriculums may not be available for viewing at the same time.