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Text Message Alerts

The Norwin School District can send text messages to families to communicate a school bus delay, a school closing, or other operational issue.Skylert


For parents to receive texts from the School District, please make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Skyward Family Access account.
  2. Click the Skylert tab (see screenshot at right).
  3. Verify your phone number(s) under the “Contact Info” area.
  4. Additional phone numbers (for a babysitter or a high school student, for example) can be added under the “Text Message Numbers” area.
  5. Those wishing to receive text alerts must text “Yes” to 67587 from the phone number that they want to receive the text messages. This includes parents and any numbers listed under the additional Text Message Numbers area.
  6. Anyone can opt out of texts at any time by sending “Stop” to 67587.

The phone number that you want to receive text alerts must be associated with a student at Norwin School District.


It is essential that you provide the District with accurate phone numbers and email addresses in Skyward. You should also alert the District when there is a change to any phone number or email address.