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Communication During an Emergency

Communications During an Emergency
Parents can receive information by a variety of methods, depending on the time and manner of the emergency. Information will be provided on an as-needed basis; however, the administration will provide as much information on the situation as possible to parents without compromising the safety of any person involved or without violating laws relating to confidentiality. Communication methods and an explanation of each are listed below.
  • School Messenger: The School District can call, text, or email Norwin families with School Messenger. It is essential that you provide the District with accurate phone numbers and email addresses. You should also alert the District when there is a change to any phone number or email address. To check your information, visit https://skyward.iscorp.com/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsedunorwinpa/seplog01.w.  If you see that one of your phone numbers is incorrect, you are asked to contact any school office where your child attends.
    • To Receive Text Messages: Families can receive text messages from Norwin School District by texting the word "yes" to 67587.  (Please see additional information at right titled "Receive Text Messages from Norwin School District".)
  • Skyward Message Center: Norwin School District can send emails and post messages to Family Access through the Skyward Student Message Center. The burden is on parents and guardians to make sure that their email address is correct and up to date in the Skyward system. To check your information, log into your Skyward Family Access account by visiting https://skyward.iscorp.com/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsedunorwinpa/seplog01.w then follow these steps:
    • Click the “Account Info” tab found in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Address, email address and phone numbers on file are listed.
    • Click “Change my email” to update the email address on file.
    • If you need assistance logging into Skyward Family Access, send an email [email protected].
  • Letters Sent Home with Children: If the emergency is one that does not require immediate notification, we will provide information about the emergency or situation in a letter that will be sent home with children.
  • District Web site: Emergency Information may appear on the District’s homepage at www.norwinsd.org
  • Local Media: There may be emergencies that will prompt us to use our local media, both newspaper and television, to broadcast to parents.
  • Parent Meetings: Parent meetings may be called following a significant emergency.
In the event of a significant emergency, we understand that a parent’s first reaction will be to come to the school to pick up his/her child. When there is a significant emergency, we urge parents to refrain coming to the school because it may interfere with the capacity of emergency personnel to perform their jobs effectively. In many instances, emergency personnel will not permit access to the school buildings. 

Communication to the parents by the District Public Information Officer (PIO), the spokesperson for the District, will come as soon as reasonably possible. Additionally, the District PIO will provide timely updates using the local media, the District website, School Messenger and other forms of communication as deemed necessary.

Please be advised that District-level communication is sent for more urgent reasons. School principals will also periodically share building-level information through email or phone calls.

Our ability to communicate with parents and guardians depends upon having accurate contact information for parents and guardians. Therefore, Norwin School District will be asking parents and guardians to annually update the information that they have on file through the School District’s online registration program.