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Accessing & Navigating the Family Access Site

Logging In

When the login screen is displayed, enter your username and password. Click the Login button.

if a space is indicated in your login ID, you must leave the space when you enter your login ID.

A tip to remembering your login ID:
Your login ID is the first 5 characters from your last name + the first 3 characters from your first name + a 3 digit number 000, 001 002 etc.

Recovering forgotten Login/Password

You can have your login ID and password emailed to you by clicking the Forgot Login/Password link found under the sign in button on the login page or by clicking this link: Forgotten Login/Password Assistance

NOTE: you must have an email address associated with your account in order to recover your login information. If you need assistance recovering your login information, email [email protected]

Calendar Screen

The calendar tab shows a monthly calendar complete with term dates, assignment due dates and assignment grades (when present)

Student Information

Student information depicts the demographic information on a students record. If you find any incorrect information, contact the building secretary to correct the information.


The Gradebook section of Family Access allows viewing of assignments and grades in each of your child's subjects. The gradebook screen is divided into 3 tabs:
Progress Report - grades posted for your child by teachers in real time. Grades posted at the end of grading terms and end of semesters are the only accurate grades. These grades reflect all assignments that have been turned in and graded during that grading term
Missing Assignments - assignments that your student has been given but have not yet been marked as complete. Teachers have a limited amount of time per day to prepare for classes and grade assignments, so it may take several days for a teacher to grade assignments and enter the grades in Gradebook. In some cases, you may not see grades for assignments until close to the end of the grading term. Please check with your child first when you have questions about missing assignments
Teacher Log -
Comments - teacher comments from the last grading cycle.
Message Center

The Message Center tab shows messages posted by your student's teachers. These may be mass messages sent to everyone in the class or a message sent just to you.


The Attendance tab gives you a visual of attendance records for your student. You can view both excused and unexcused absences, tardies, and other attendance notes (such as missing part of the day). To see attendance activity by term, select the Term Totals tab. If you have a question concerning attendance, contact the building secretary.


The Schedule tab shows your student’s schedule including the class, teacher and room number.


Current year discipline information can be viewed on the discipline tab.

Graduation Requirements

This feature allows parents and students to view their current status in the progression to earn the credits necessary for graduation

Food Service

Account Information / Purchases - Guardians and students can view payments and purchases made in food service or by the student in school. Only a students Payer (defined as the primary guardian of a student or guardian 1 of family 1. Family 1 is the family that the student primarily resides with) can see the payments. Non-payer guardians can only see purchases for the students.

Make online Payment - A students payer can add money to a students food service account. A single $1.75 convenience fee will be applied at checkout.

Please Note: Food service accounts are individual student accounts. Parents/Guardians can deposit money on multiple students' accounts with one deposit and only one service fee.


The activities tab displays activities in which your student is participating

Academic History

You can view previous years grades and courses on the academic history tab.

E-mail Notifications

Access the E-mail notifications area to select email notifications or turn off email notifications.

Available Notifications:
Daily Attendance Notifications - an email is sent when your student is marked absent or tardy to school or class
Food Service Low balance Notifications - an email is sent when your students food service account reaches a balance below $10
Grading Notifications - choose a % threshold to trigger e-mails. I f a student receives an assignment or class grade at or below you chosen threshold, an email is sent.
Progress Report - Select how often you would like to be emailed a progress report for your student
Login History

The Login History page displays the date, time and IP address correlating with your login sessions.


The Portfolio on Family Access allows you to view the student's Honor Roll standing by term.

Report Card

Report Cards and Progress Reports are posted based on District's yearly academic schedule.