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Behavior Consultant

Norwin currently contracts with Family Behavioral Resources (FBR)/AERI to provide a full-time Board Certified Behavior Consultant.  The Behavioral Consultant provides the following services to the district:
    • Provide consultative services to teachers in order to collaborate regarding needs of students
    • Assess and make recommendations on school-wide positive behavior and support plan development and implementation
    • Provide consultation , recommendations, and support on classroom management strategies and overall behavioral health teaching strategies to improve student success
    • Assist the classroom teacher in completing a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) for students throughout the district and will assist the classroom teacher in compiling this information into a Behavior Intervention Plan
    • Provide information regarding appropriate behavioral intervention in the absence of the need for a formal FBA
    • Assist in developing least restrictive strategies in IEP development to ensure the student achieves independence within the classroom setting
    • Provide consultation and support to families regarding specific behavioral concerns in the home
Mrs. Maria Schrock
724-861-3000 ext. 6335