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Health, Wellness & Nutrition

The Norwin Nutrition Council has teamed up with the Wellness Committee to form
"The Norwin Health, Wellness & Nutrition Committee"
The committee meets 3-4 times throughout the year.  Some goals discussed and shared are information on nutrition, food choices, and laws surrounding the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). The committee has the opportunity to meet with Mr. Stewart, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, to ask questions and share any concerns regarding current menu items, new menu items, school food nutrition, legislation and any other food-related issues. These discussions have a direct impact on menu items and the direction of upcoming menus.

Meeting topics have covered items such as the definition of a “Type A” reimbursable meal and its role in school food service, the Healthy Hunger-Free Kid's Act (HHFKA), and changes in menus based on new legislation. The committee will learn what requirements are followed by Food & Nutrition Services and the process behind developing menu items, hopefully starting students to consider healthy options by being educated on nutrition and how nutrients affect their well being.
We also discuss the local Wellness Policy and assess its progress, plan and host our semi-annual Wellness Fair, work on District Wellness and Nutrition initiatives and action plans, and work on new goals for the District.

The Norwin Health, Wellness & Nutrition Committee would like to extend an ongoing open invitation for any administrator, teacher, student, or community member to join our committee.
If Interested, please contact:
Mr. Rod Stewart, Director of Food & Nutrition Services @ 724-515-3038 or [email protected] 
Members of the Health, Wellness & Nutrition Committee:
Mr. Nick Fallone, Principal-Norwin Online Academy; Mr. Robert Suman, MS Principal;
Dr. Heather Newell, Director of Curriculum & Assessment; Ms. Anne Marie Morgante, MS Librarian         
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